FA São Paulo

The most innovative fashion jewelry fair in Brazil.

FA São Paulo is an off-the-shelf plated jewelry, silver, steel, fashion accessory, services and technology fair. A direct connection between the creative industry applied in jewelry and fashion accessories, and wholesalers, retailers and dealers. A place for prospecting new customers and discovering new releases from big brands and new suppliers. An opportunity for networking and increasing your contact portfolio.

Check out the profile of the products you will find at FA São Paulo.

Plated Jewelry - Semi Precious Jewelry

18k plated jewelry, with great diversity in design and components. In manufacture, various processes are used such as lost-wax casting, low-melting, stamping, chains, assembly, photo-corrosion, electroplating and stone-setting. It couples manual artisan and classic jewelry making techniques with industrial processes, using both precious and simple materials.


Characterized by creative design, by diversity in colors and use of Brazilian stones such as agate, amethyst, citrine, crystal, emerald, jade, onyx, pearl, quartz, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, topaz, turquoise, among others.


Originating from various countries, with highly specific product characteristics, for example, semi-previous jewelry imported from China use a large amount of Zirconia, Micro Zirconia and Micro-pavé.

Silver Jewelry

You will find a large variety of silver jewelry from Brazil, as well as from various parts of the world: Italian silver, Bali silver, Turkish silver, Peruvian silver, for example.

Steel Jewelry

A new branch of the Jewelry industry. The jewelry is produced with high-grade steel, usually of Italian or Brazilian origin. Mostly found in jewelry for men.

Fashion Accessories

Belts, glasses, scarfs, watches and costume jewelry complete the range of products you can find at the FA fair.


Suppliers of services such as Jewelry photography (Still photos, set photos, photos with models, 360° photography), website development, virtual store creation, request system creation, 3D prototyping, wax modeling.

Technology and Equipment

Software for industry, stores and representation of jewelry, 3D printers, barcode printer, thermal printers, barcode reader, data collector, studio for photo, scales, measuring instruments, magnifying glasses, tools for stone setting, rolling mills, cutters, welds, tools, equipment for polishing, etc.


Labels for jewelry, tags, ink ribbons, labels, ribbons (film for thermal transfer printing)