Hotel Maksoud Plaza

Unparalleled luxury and services in São Paulo

The Maksoud Plaza is a hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a different proposal. We decided it would be a luxury hotel, but with a more comprehensive concept of luxury than traditional, including the high quality of its services and pleasant - and encouraging - comfort of all our apartments, suites and social areas.

At the Maksoud Plaza, the details of construction, inspiring architecture and the art of their environment are unmatched. Our classification as a five star hotel can also be noticed in the latest technology we use and the facilities offered to our guests. All these features are designed to ensure the pleasure, well-being and satisfaction of those who travel for tourism or business. While we commit to serve well all the people who visit our restaurants, bars, shops, event spaces and theater, our dedication to those booking rooms and suites at the hotel is a real seal of quality revealed experience the five stars the Maksoud Plaza.

-Henry Maksoud